Cappy’s Pizza and Subs

Here’s what I cannot understand about Cappy’s: their pizza is not much better than greasy cardboard with cheese on top, but they seem to have a very loyal clientele. Why this loyalty? I cannot figure it out.

Latino Restaurant

Here’s to hoping that the quality of the food is greater than the creativity of the restaurant name…

Detour: Tom + Chee

I can’t write a blog for each place I went to this past week, but I wanted share some of my experience with you by picking what was, for me, the most surprising edible adventure of my time in Ohio—the grilled cheese donut.

And so we begin: Il Panino Cafe and Grill

Our journey down Centre Street thus begins where it should—at the beginning. Centre Street begins near the Jackson Square T station on the Orange Line. At the intersection of Lamartine Street and Centre Street, there stands the first destination on my journey: Il Panino Cafe and Grill. Apparently there is a family of il Panino restaurants that…

To Eat Is to Experience

I have done a fair bit of traveling in my lifetime,—more than many but less than I’d like—and my favorite thing about traveling is eating. Of course, I love to see the sights, but for me, to really experience a locale is to eat its food. You just never know what you will find. I…